Project Description

Cheese Freeze TSD


Annual driving and navigation competition in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin. Drive the hilliest and twistiest roads our great state has to offer while battling the clock and the elements. This day-into-night event will challenge your driving, navigation, and communication skills. Bring a co-driver and a roadworthy vehicle to get in on the action.

*Winter rated tires are recommended but not required.


Explore unseen destinations

Enjoy the best drivers’ roads our state has to offer.

Test your navigation skills

Careful not to go off course or make a wrong turn

Check Back Later


“Warriors”Teams participating in Cheese Freeze as first timers. *Both driver and co-driver. This is an unrestricted class. Teams are allowed to run with whatever technology they choose.


Novice or experienced teams that are not using any type of average speed calculating device and are simply “guessing” at their average speed. Aka “Seat of Pants.” (Maps and GPS units are allowed.)

“Wizards” Experienced teams or very engaged beginners who calculate/track their average speed while driving the route.  The use of timing files and tables, rally apps and/or auxiliary speed or mileage devices mounted to your vehicle will all move you into this class for the rally.


Overlanders or anyone not wishing to compete may run the event in this class.  Enjoy the roads, camaraderie, and maybe use some of your recovery gear to pull competitors out of the ditch.

Something for Everyone

Challenge your fellow enthusiasts on our autocross course

Explore the backroads on this overland adventure.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of flat engined masterpieces.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of flat engined masterpieces.

Thank you to our sponsors!

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